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Done for You - An Entire Custom Hand Made Website

Not Sure How to Start Up a New Blog or Not Enough Time for It? No Problem. I Will Create the Entire Site for You!

Want to get started with your own blog?

Maybe you want a small side project that you wish to monetize with AdSense and Affiliate products.

Or maybe you wish to sell blogs for quick profit.

This is the perfect opportunity for you.

Anytime you buy one of my PLR bundles as an extra service, I offer to create the entire blog for you.

With Images and all the PLR articles you've just purchased.

You would only need to focus on personalizing it to your taste afterwards, adding your own affiliate products if you wish to do so and your own little touch.

Get an Entire Website Created, With One of the Fastest WordPress Themes and a Beautiful Design. You Don’t Even Need to Lift a Finger

oto 2 membership sites

Everything will be ready for you.

Some of the articles are created especially for affiliate products.
This is how that looks:

You would have to  spend 5 min creating your own affiliate account.

The blog posts have an extremely quick loading time and nice visuals

oto2 membership site

Here's what you should expect to receive when your Purchase a complete website

your domain oto 2 PLR
  • A Domain name ending in .com the domain name is carefully chosen for your niche
  • One of the fastest and best looking WordPress themes preinstalled
  • A complete website with 15 PLR articles and custom images for each article
  • Google site Kit already installed so you can track and monitor your analytics and AdSense earnings
  • Everything sat up and ready to be customized easily
  • 1 month of prepaid hosting (it's around $4 a month if you wish to use Namecheap hosting service thereafter)
  • 1 year of domain name ownership
  • Did I mention that it is mobile responsive as well?

You can visit this example website that I've created for demonstration purposes. So you can see for yourself what you will be getting


When You Purchase a Custom Made Blog From Me, You Should Expect to Receive It Withing 7 Days!

your custom PLR website

When you buy this Blog, you own it!

You can add extra articles to it. Change the look, add your own pictures, add your own AdSense if you wish or your own affiliate products.

The choice is yours.

If it's your first blog then it will be the perfect way of getting started earning money with AdSense or as an Amazon affiliate.

If you just want to sell the blog for quick profit you can of cause also do so.

You don't need to worry about anything.

As soon as the blog has been created all logins will be send to you.

Get Your Own Completely finished Blog Now for Only $100


After purchase, I will start working on your blog, depending on how many purchases came before yours it could take up to 7 days. First to buy will receive the complete website first.




PS If you have questions or doubts about this website, let me know. Just click the link below to reach me on my support desk.

PSS When you buy this product this is what you will get:

  • A complete website with a nice .com domain name
  • The WordPress sitebuilder called Breakdance preinstalled, this theme has been especially made for blogs like this
  • 15 Blog posts on the website
  • Google Site Kit installed for tracking of analytics and easy access to AdSense and earnings
  • Everything done-for-you ready and easy to customize yourself, even with 0 experience.
  • 1 Month already paid Hosting
  • 1 Year of Domain name ownership
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