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"Here's an Easy Sell for You:       15 High Quality Articles 1,000+ Words that Will Almost Sell Themselves"

Launching Month date, 2022, at 7 am EST

Hi affiliates, Britt Malka here with a new cool offer for you.

Balcony Gardening is a surprisingly profitable and totally under the radar niche.

You can sell this bundle of 15 articles to bloggers who either want to enter that niche or are looking for new opportunities.

Or maybe they are already in the gardening niche and want to broaden out.

You can see on the sales page how popular this niche is among consumers: IMAGELINK

You'll make 50% commission from every sale.

There's a built-in urgency, because this offer is only available at this price for five days.

Britt Malka

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Front End Product: 15 articles about balcony gardening with PLR

Price: $12.95

Commission: 50%

Upsell/Bump sale: Report (lead bait or sell)

Price: $5

Commission: 50%

The Product

Balcony Gardening PLR Articles

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