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I hope she doesn’t ask me.
I hope she doesn’t ask me.
I hope she doesn’t ask me.

"Britt, can you please come up here and read the next section for the class?"

This is a very common situation that you can probably relate to.

It has a name:

The Law of Attraction

Hi there!

Do you know what makes a niche… A niche?

☑️ It has to have an audience interested in the subject

☑️ It should have low competition OR you should have an unique advantage in it

☑️ It should have a long-term interest rather that being based on current trends

But most importantly

☑️There should be a clear need or desire for people to spend money on the subject

Imagine finding such a niche… Sounds too good to be true, right?

Yet, look at this.

This is a screenshot from Google Trends.


So clearly Wyoming doesn’t find the subject very interesting

But everywhere else shows a huge and ongoing interest. 

People are wishing for more

To read more

And to learn how to manifest their desires!

And do you know what else all this blue on the map means?

More buyers for you!

And that’s not all

Here’s another thing we can look at

Google Trends Comprise Four Areas...

Interest by Region

Top graph

Related Topics

Related Queries

Usually, if there’s only a little interest in one topic, only one of these four areas will hit the checkbox.

But here it’s all four!

You know what that means?

Yes, it means the interest is huge!

Good for us.

When I was in highschool, and just like many of us, I had a crush on someone.

Couldn’t stop thinking about him

And suddenly I started noticing him everywhere

Saw him in the hallways, in the gym, at the local hangouts.

Could this be what you call the Law of Attraction?

Who knows…


The subject has always captivated me. I've eagerly absorbed all the information I could find on the topic.

I've seen it work for me so many times.

Right from knowing beforehand which examination questions I would get asked. (And score top grades.) To getting a phone call from a person I wanted to get in contact with.

And recently I’ve been asking myself.

What if others share the same passion as me?

Clearly, they do.

Google Trends pretty much confirmed that

But what about the earning potential?

It’s not like people can go out and buy this “law of attraction” in a store.

That’s correct

However, there’s potential to sell books, e-books. Clickbank courses and sound files.

The list goes on, even if it isn’t a physical object you can buy.

People are still willing to spend money in exchange for knowledge.

People buy

So what knowledge do I have for you in store today?


That’s right PLR.

I know what you’re thinking

But Britt, why not just write the articles myself and save some money?

You certainly could. However, keep in mind that the research required to write these articles is very extensive and time-consuming.

The research alone for each article takes me 30 minutes to an hour, and likely longer for those less familiar with the topic.

This is only for gathering information.

Writing itself is a separate task. If you average around 40 words per minute, drafting a 1000-word article would take about 25 minutes, but only if you're clear on what you're writing about. For more in-depth pieces, the rate can drop to as low as 5 words per minute.


You could pay someone on Fiverr to write the articles for you.

But a well researched article will usually round you at least $40. Often a lot more.

"But I need to rewrite the content anyway since it’s PLR, so why bother with it?"

Yes, even though you need to rewrite PLR content to make it unique and more suited for your needs, there’s still significant advantages:

  • The framework and ideas are already there, it is much… MUCH faster to personalize and edit existing content rather than staring at a blank page.
  • Efficiency… PLR makes it possible for you to produce more articles or posts in less time. Which is crucial for a business that wants to grow.
  • SEO-benefits, even after rewriting the content, it provides a solid basis for good SEO-optimized content, meaning more traffic to your site.

So what can I do to help you out?


15 Law Of Attraction Articles

The Law of Attraction PLR Bundle

You will get 15 well-written and researched articles

They have all been written by me, without the use of AI, ghost writers or anything that could potentially make for an inferior product.

Here’s the titles:

  1. Our Best Manifestation Advice Ever.docx - 1048 words
  2. Blow Your Mind Visualization.docx - 1021 words
  3. Manifest While You Have Fun.docx - 1023 words
  4. The Truth about Intuition and Manifestation-Trusting Your Inner Guidance.docx - 1053 words
  5. 5 Mind Tricks that Yield Patience.docx - 1007 words
  6. Unwrap Total Manifestation Confidence.docx - 1060 words
  7. Measuring Success Beyond Manifestation Wins.docx - 1053 words
  8. Can You Hack Your Fear.docx - 1132 words
  9. 5 Ways to Get Fancy Results without Fancy Routines.docx - 1090 words
  10. Lets glow.docx - 1038 words
  11. You Got It.docx - 1004 words
  12. Change Starts Here.docx - 1101 words
  13. Are Your Thoughts Making You Fail.docx - 1013 words
  14. Journal Like a VIP.docx - 1008 words
  15. Beat the Odds.docx - 1034 words

that's a total of 15,685 words.

But here’s 3 more words for free:

High Quality Content

How can you use these articles?

You can use these articles to get a blog up and running in almost no time.

A blog that can earn you affiliate income year after year.

You can have content ready to go before even finishing your coffee

You can make a blog and flip it to make a dollar.

The PLR belongs to you after purchase so you can even rewrite it and combine it into an E-book if you wish to do so.

You can use it for training materials, for a workshop or a course.

You can even use it for Medium, probably my favorite platform for expanding my reach and influence

Get It Now and Start Setting Up Blog Posts Today - Special Offer Because You Bought My Limited PLR Report


I know what you’re thinking.

-I hope this will be good for me

-I hope this will be good for me

-I hope this will be good for me

Yes, it will and this is what we call the Law of Attraction, my friend 🙂

Here's What You Can Do with Your Articles

[YES] Can be edited in any way
[YES] Can add as a bonus to other paid products
[YES] Can be offered as part of a paid membership site
[YES]Can be used as a report and sold under your name with personal rights (PDF)
[YES]Can use these articles on blogs, Medium, etc. as free web content
[YES]Can put your name on it and claim as your own content
[YES] Can be used for videos
[YES]Can be used for audio (sound) files
[NO] Can sell resale rights to others
[NO] Can sell Private Label Rights
[NO] Can sell Master Resell Rights
[NO] Can be used for videos with PLR rights
[NO] Can be included in bundles and sold with PLR rights
[NO] Can use for Kindle or KDP books (against their rules)

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