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A Brand new format!

This PLR bundle has been created in order to revolutionize the way you earn a passive income.

Every week, I will put up for sale 15 brand new limited PLR articles as well as two extra reports for those who wants even more.

The bundle will always cover a niche topic that has a lot of potential, and the content will always be well researched.

This bundle contains everything you need in order to setup a new blog, every week, from scratch. You can then choose to sell it for a quick buck or continue expanding on it and monetize it yourself.

With a bit of practice  and organization it will only require a few hours of your time from start to finish each week.

There's a catch though.

The bundle is limited and once it has sold out it will never be put on sale anymore.

This could be beneficial for you, if you managed to grab a copy in time, you won't need to worry about many similar blogs covering the same subjects.

If you didn't manage to catch it in time, there will be a new PLR bundle covering a different niche next week!

"PLR is great!"

I think we can all agree on that, However one of the biggest concerns of my dear readers might be the fear of oversaturating the market.

And I do understand that.

Imagine, if you bought some PLR from me and suddenly a few days later, when you set up a new blog post or an eBook for sale you would start to see hundreds of replicas popping up as well.

That can be rather demotivating.

Usually I limit the sales of my PLR reports and bundles exclusively to my list so it is already less of an issue than it would have been if you bought your PLR bundles from, let’s say, a huge marketplace where hundreds of thousands of people before you already bought the same piece of content.

In such cases you would even ask yourself if it was worth buying in the first place.

That goes against the entire spirit of PLR.

PLR is supposed to make your life easier, make you focus on what matters and eliminate some of the tedious grinds along the way.

With this in mind, I’ve decided that I will limit the amount of reports I sell of each topic, so that you can always have an assurance of quality and a reassuring feeling that you don’t need to worry about competition anymore.

More info about the product below… 

Note: If this bundle has been sold out and you unfortunately missed it, worry not, send me an email with a suggestion of a topic you would like me to write about, and I will try to deliver something for you in the next limited PLR Bundle.



Self Publishing

You know what’s better than printing your own books?

That’s right, printing money!

And with this niche, there’s a lot to print!

The subject of self-publishing has been steadily growing in interest over time. 

The invention of the internet, then the kindle is mostly responsible for that. 

I mean look at these numbers.

self publish stats

Before the easy access to the internet the only way to publish a book was to get it printed and pay thousands for it.

Now, however, not only can we easily publish books, but an increasing number of people have completely switched over to only reading books on handheld devices such as the kindle.


This complete PLR bundle has been self-published by me, Britt Malka, without the help of ghostwriters or AI.

It’s no secret that I’ve published my fair share of books. From technical books on computers and programs all the way to fiction books and Amish romance books. 

I started publishing books all the way back in 1996 when I had my first book published and I’m still publishing books till this day.

The only difference is that now I publish them myself.

There has never been a better time than now to publish your own books!

I can tell you this with confidence. It’s easier than ever, more rewarding than ever and the cheapest it’s ever been.

So what’s stopping you from self-publishing?

What’s that? A book?

Most people might never get the chance to publish a book because they are afraid of getting rejected or that others might not care about what they wrote.

And that’s a shame, so many great writers will never have their work recognized even with the tools available for everyone in this day and age that allows us to publish our own books hassle free, from the comfort of our own home and at almost no cost!

In this bundle, we will cover many frequently asked subjects such as

  • How to self-publish a Novel
  • How much does it cost to self-publish a book
how to self-publish a book
self publish a book

Each of the subjects of the articles has been carefully chosen to answer the most pressed questions about self-publishing on Google.

This has been done to maximize the chances of your blog getting higher rankings.

In case you’re still considering getting this bargain, here’s what you get upon purchase:

book arrow

This bundle Contains 15 Articles at 11,741 words long (15 Articles) and it will be covering:

  1. Choosing the Right Self-Publishing Platform – 804 words
  2. How to Self-Publish a Novel - 1009 words
  3. Develop Your Author Voice and Sell More Books – 756 words
  4. Pricing Your Self-Published Book Right – 834 words
  5. Market Your Self-Published Book on a Budget – 822 words
  6. Best Strategy for Getting Book Reviews – 724 words
  7. Does Your Audience Know Who You Are? Stand Out with Your Author Brand – 755 words
  8. Should Beta Readers Play a Role in Your Self-Publishing Business? – 750 words
  9. SEO for Authors – a Crazy or Clever Idea – 767 words
  10. Can Self-Publishing Be Profitable? – 748 words
  11. Use Print-on-Demand Services and Self-Publish Your Own Paperbacks – 755 words
  12. How Much Does It Cost to Self-Publish a Book – 744 words
  13. Email Marketing: The Best Way to Sell Your Self-Published Books – 784 words
  14. The Power of Networking for Self-Published Authors – 717 words
  15. Look, Evaluate and Learn – Your Roadmap to More Sales as a Self-Published Author – 772 words

Here’s a short snippet of what you can expect to find in this PLR Bundle:

Snippet SelfPublishing Article1

[YES] Can be edited in any way
[YES] Can add as a bonus to other paid products
[YES] Can be offered as part of a paid membership site
[YES] Can be used as a report and sold or given away as a lead magnet under your name with personal rights (PDF)
[YES] Can use to sell as an eBook on any platform of your liking except KDP Amazon, with or without editing
[YES] Can put your name on it and claim as your own content
[YES] Can be used for videos and video courses
[YES] Can be used for audio (sound) files

Here’s what you can do with this PLR Bundle

[NO] Can sell resale rights to others
[NO] Can sell Private Label Rights
[NO] Can sell Master Resell Rights
[NO] Can be used for videos with PLR rights
[NO] Can be included in bundles and sold with PLR rights
[NO] Can be published under my name or with me as co-writer

Grab this unique PLR Bundle, available only here

Say goodbye to hefty price tags associated with custom-written content tailored exclusively for you. This PLR Bundle offers all the advantages of personalized content without the drawbacks.

It will give you all the benefits of PLR whilst ruling out any of the negatives.

While a skilled ghostwriter typically charges $1 per word, pricing this product at around $3,787  or alternatively a very affordable ghostwriter can charge as low as $0.10 per word, thus lowering its cost to $378.

Not to mention that the quality of the product is often subpar with minimal research done.

That’s why this is a Win-Win situation for you.

Quality content at an unbeatable price. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

You can purchase it now for just $42

That comes out to be less than $0.004 per word.

Only available to the first 25 buyers. When it’s sold out it’s sold out, I will not be able to sell anymore copies of it.

And out of those only 25 buyers, some will use it only for their own purpose… while maybe one or two will use it to sell.

There's very little risk that your audiences will overlap.

When you buy this PLR Bundle this is what you will get:

  • A PLR Bundle of over 11,700 words / 15 Articles (11,741 to be exact)
  • Multiple hours of research and writing saved for you
  • You will receive the rights to resell and treat this content as your own.
  • The PLR bundle comes as a docx, a .pdf and a .txt file.

Get It Now and Start Growing Your List Today!


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